Website Maintenance & Support

We take care of your website so you don't have to.

Website Maintenance & Support

The easy way to update your site.

After we build your site, you have full access to edit everything yourself. But sometimes it just makes sense to have an expert handle the upkeep for you.

With WordPress, the number one thing you can do to protect your website and keep it performing at its best is to continually upgrade your website to its latest version. Upgrading your website fixes bugs, performs security patches, and enhances the performance and speed of your website. Put your mind to rest and enroll in one of our monthly website maintenance plans.


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No long-term contracts. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.Unused hours do not roll over to next month. Additional hours each month available for $95/hr.

So, what’s included?

WordPress Core Updates

Keep your WordPress version up-to-date and reduce the risk of any security issues.

Theme Updates

Update your premium WordPress theme and resolve any compatibility issues.

Plugin Updates

Update your plugins and resolve any compatibility issues.

Content Changes

Keep your content fresh by updating your site with the latest information and images.

Monthly Backups

Rest assured, we’ll handle monthly backups of your website files and database.


Continuously monitor your website for hacking attempts and security update alerts.

Technical Support

Have questions? Need some assistance? Receive support via email or phone as needed.

What’s not included?

Cost of Updating Plugins

Some plugins require you to purchase their upgrade. We will always ask for your approval before purchasing any plugin upgrade. If approved, you will be invoiced for any paid upgrades (or you can pay for them directly).

Addressing Security Issues

If your website is hacked or other security issues are found, we will notify you. If approved, we will work to fix the problem at our usual hourly rate.

Repairing Problems Due to Upgrades

If a problem is seen after a theme, plugin or WordPress upgrade and the problem is due to the upgrade itself, we will notify you. If approved, we will work to fix the problem at our usual hourly rate. If not approved, we’ll roll back the theme, plugin or website (at our discretion) to the previous working version at no charge to you. We will fix any problems attributable to us (not a theme, plugin or WordPress) during maintenance at no charge to you.

Why should you invest in a monthly website maintenance plan?

Your search engine rankings depend on it.

Google loves it when your website is frequently updated. Regular updates and new content will not only improve your Google Search rank, but it will also build loyalty and foster appreciation from your clients.

More content means more visitors.

The more content you add to your website, the more pages Google has to index. So, not only will your website benefit from the activity – but with new content coming online, your site will have that many more chances to be found during a search.

Focus on what YOU like to do. Let the experts handle your website.

Having Wyfenbok help keep your website up-to-date allows you to focus on what’s most important – growing your business! When you buy a website maintenance plan from Wyfenbok, you buy peace of mind for yourself. Contact us for more information!

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